About Us

OMNIORE - The world’s first hybrid jewellery brand.

Founded in 2018 by Roman, the UK’s fastest-growing jewellery brand pride themselves on their versatility. OMNIORE have broken from the impersonal, off-the-shelf jewellery-buying experience; giving clients the opportunity to customise their pieces. With the choice to adapt both the look and grade of the gems used in pieces, clients have a better grasp over the shine and spec of their ice.

With their talented, in-house design team, clients can see their visions masterfully brought to life through pendants, rings and chains; perfect for brand collaborations, commemorative events, or even bespoke pieces for your loved ones.

Being a Hybrid means that Omniore does not restrict itself to 1 category of jewellery , you've had the brands that provide affordable jewellery and the ones that provide expensive high end pieces . But Omniore is the one to bring those 2 aspects together , you can customise products to any type of stone and any type of material , you're the designer here !

OMNIORE. Tailored to your budget, style and creative vision.