Featured In Rap Videos

Featured In Rap Videos

When reflecting on Omniore’s growth this year, many would cite their journey from being the new kids on the block in Shepherd’s Bush’s Westfield Shopping Centre to becoming one of its most prized brands as one of its primary successes. This journey has not gone unnoticed, with the store’s customer base getting ever larger and more diverse as the days pass by.

However, with developments around their store and its activities well documented, one lesser spoken-about element can be seen outside of the West London store - in an altogether different field.

The quality of Omniore’s pieces has not gone unnoticed in the celebrity UK scene, with some of the nation’s most recognisable musical talents staking their claims to feature the brand’s jewellery in their music videos. One of their biggest success in this regard is reflected, in more ways than one, in the inclusion of one of their Cuban chains in KSI’s ‘Patience’ music video. The track, featuring fellow Brit Yungblud and stateside rapper Polo G, peaked at top 3 in the UK singles charts, amassing 29 million music views on Youtube in the process.

The brand can also be seen the Deno Driz’s ‘Lifestyle’ music video and AJ Ldn’s ‘Lit’ video. Both productions sport over 1 million views , with the latter featuring the Omniore store itself in the final cut. Though such exposure has been great for a brand still relatively early in its growth journey, the team have not rested on their laurels. Instead, they pay it forwards, and use their exposure to work with other up and coming artists like Southampton based rapper, Curlz.

Collaborating in this manner is a key part of the Omnivore vision - and where they’ve already made big moves in aligning themselves as one of the go-to brands for streetwear stylists, there’s undoubtedly far more to be seen from the brand as time ticks on.

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