We Launched our store at Westfields London

We Launched our store at Westfields London


Since launching their flagship store in late 2021, Omniore have only gone from strength to strength. It was a tough climate to open into - predicting how consumers would behave in the first Christmas since lockdown restrictions were dropped would have been a tough ask for any company, no less a new player in a very competitive jewellery market.

That being said, Omniore owes much of its success to the optimism of the crew at the helm of this new, fresh and fast-moving ship. Unlike other ships, however, this crew isn’t just riding waves, it’s making them. Instead of avoiding ice, it’s bringing it to the market in a novel, innovative fashion – reminiscent of their fascinating backstory. “Our journey started in coffee shops and the Westfields car park,” says Roman ***, Omniore’s founder and inventor. “I sold pieces to anybody who’d listen and invest what I made back into growing the business. I really believed in what I was doing.”

Under his stewardship, the brand has seen manyfold growth - steering away from Westfield’s lower decks and onto the main shop floor in the centre of the mall. They are now positioned amidst restaurants, tech stores and a number of staple high-street retailers. One might say that their location almost symbolic of the brand’s unique ability to attract all types of consumers, hundreds of whom flock to browse Omniore’s range every day.



As the world’s first hybrid jewellery brand, there is no pressure to target any one particular demographic. In fact, the Omniore team seek to do the opposite. This is a brand that wants everybody to feel comfortable throughout their buying experience – regardless of budget or style. From more experienced fashionistas seeking to refresh their look with bespoke jewellery, to younger customers picking up their first pieces – or even just stopping by to take photos with the store’s iconic banner, there are few, if any, audiences that the team cannot cater for.


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